Simon Woolham 2

Simon Woolham, Saving My Cousin 1984 (1)

Saving My Cousin 1984


Biro on paper, (signed and dated on the back and framed)

42.0 x 59.4cm

(I once saved my cousins life. I can’t forget it because every time I see him he gets all nostalgic about it “Simon, do you remember when you saved me from drowning? I’ll never forget that I tell you”. We were playing down by the river on the broken jetty, we’d played there for years, suddenly the thing brakes in half and starts floating down the river with my cousin holding onto it, I knew my cousin wasn’t that good at swimming because he even failed his 25m certificate, I had to jump in and save him, he was about to hit the current. I jumped as close to him as I could, grabbed hold of his collar and dragged him to the shore, “I’ll never forget that Simon”, he eventually says to me, “when we get back you can have my Bryan Robson sticker”.)

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