Jenny Wiener

Jenny wiener,

Patchwork of Planes


Drawing with Silkscreen

49 x 33 cm (framed)

Usual selling price £375.00

Starting Price £50

To Bid
Please fill in the boxes below, this will include your name, your contact email and your bid amount, which should be bigger than the current bid amount.
When making a bid you must understand that you are entering into an agreement that you will donate the amount bid should it be the highest bid at 11:59pm on 28th July in exchange for the artwork you have bid on. Once you have paid this amount via a Just Giving page your artwork will be sent to you. If your bid gets outbid before the end of bidding then you will be informed of the new amount for the artwork by email and the option to bid again. This is not done automatically so relies on humans so may not be immediate, please consider this if bidding near and on 28th July when there is the likelihood of much bidding on artworks.

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